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TD4 rear crank seal leak


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Did my clutch this weekend, had a weep of oil in the telltale and at 125k with no evidence of a clutch change being done we decided it was prudent to do the lot.  Turns out slave was well on it's way out and the DMF was just about knackered, so good call.

The rear crank seal wasn't actually leaking that much but I was in there so lets do it now we've got it, and I've made a pigs ear of it by the looks of it, leaking more now than before.  It's a genuine seal, we used the plastic fitting guide that came with it, the crank was clean and damage free, but it's flooding out now.  What have I done wrong?  The WSM skates over it, Haynes like so many things basically says send it to a specialist.  I've done TDi rear crank seals several times without issue, so I don't quite understand it

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