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Soft Dash Wiring Diagram


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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a softdash range rover? In particular all the dash electrics, but the whole lot would probably useful... Failing that a wiring diagram for a 300Tdi era disco would be helpful, since it's basically the same dash.

I aquired a complete soft dash (as in the actual dashboard) last year, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to retro fit it to my '93 rangie :unsure:

It's certainly not looking very simple...

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I wouldnt bother,having owned both I have to say the earlier dash is better.Even my wife agree's !

I've got a 300Tdi disco (basically the same as a soft dash, but using nastier plastics) as well as the rangie - the disco dash is much nicer, but everything else is better on the range rover (well, except the fuel consumption and reliability... :rolleyes: ). The dash is the only bit of the rangie that has really dated badly.

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