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2.5NAD Sherpa into a Series


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There was some discussion a few months about fitting Sherpa lumps into Series, well this is how I have finally sorted the exhaust issue.

Having an ex-MoD 109 FFR, the exhaust system was a 2.25 petrol and would never fit the 2.5NAD lump, so I procured a 2.5 Defender header pipe and started off by bolting that to the 2.5 lump and laying the 2.25 petrol header beside it:


I marked it with a marker, and then removed the two halves as such:


The header pipe I used is as follows:


Anyhoo, I cut the pipes with a slitting disc, mounted them back up and got them allinged reasonably with some lumps of 2"x2" placed strategically, with the aid of the arch welder I placed a few spot welds and removed the system as such:


Off to my local friendly welder who will do a decent weld and the jobs a good'un ;)

job jobbed

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Richard; worth noting, but then I suspect I wouldn't have spent the money buying the 2.25D pipe as well so it was in for the grinder ;)

John; DDR? could have been worse, could have been DDP :P do you mean 2.5 Petrol? just that I cut the 2.25P pipe for it to fit :)

Les; thats more expense!!!!!!! but very true it could have been done but I didn't fancy buying 2.25D pipes, header, gaskets et cetera :)

Tonk; Worse bit was having to get the front end of the truck up onto wheel ramps as you need some distance under the truck to "swoop" the exhaust over and under the chassis

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