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Non-Optional Part Time Rear Wheel Steer - problem

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Hmmmmmm, I'm wondering if Pete has now got his new axles, and he just rolled the front under the rear for photographic purposes :rolleyes:


Got me sussed :rolleyes:

New portals with 4 wheel steer ,3 link & Fox coilovers with 42s got 21" of clearance now :D

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it'll never work Pete...

sweet :i-m_so_happy:

Found a problem today the new front was 80mm wrong on the offset compared with a standard LR setup guess thats why the axle was never in the centre of the car before !!!!!!!! :unsure:

Just hope the gearings ok guess ill find out soon though :huh:

jez can you see any problem with the rear axle hyraulics running of a 12v powerpack as thats what ive got as i dont want to rely on the engine as i want it completey independant !the pump put out 150 bar apparantly.

On the weight issue we recon with using 2 front ,dics conversion ,coilover & alloy rims we will only gain around 200kg on the truck bringing it upto around 2200kg all in hows that compare to yours on Volvos ?

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no issues with a leccy pack Pete, the flow rate would be of interest though, if you've got a data sheet ping it over and I'll have a nose, the leccy units usually drop the flow rate as the pressure rises but in reality in a rear steer its not gonna be too much of a prob

gonna annoy you now.... ;) you're already 60kgs heavier than Petal was last year - shes been on a BIG diet since then, so as soon as I can get her up to the weighbridge I'll let ya know, pop round if your passing :)

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