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Seeking suitable routes in French/Italian alps south of Annecy

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We have delayed our trip to Greece / Carpathians until the late summer and are now intending to wander south of Annecy all the way to the Med. @task recommended OsmAnd maps and we have this on an iPad and are now successfully using an old-ish Garmin Oregon 750 as the GPS source for it.

I would like to find routes using tracks and older roads 'up high' in this border area and wish to import them as .gpx into OsmAnd. There are many available on Wikiloc and it's easy to get them across to the mapping, however I would much rather use recommended routes, if anyone in here has any to share - or if you can point me at a source.

Thanks in advice.

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I have looked at the Vibraction books but wow they are pricey. They sound perfect for specific routes though.I think we will need to sift through published Wikiloc routes, unless anyone on here has any others in the correct format that they wish to share. There are loads on Wikiloc but many have been published without comments, so you wouldn't know if they are good or bad.

Also it's a bit early for the highest level routes, so that will possibly affect plans. Now, where's that shovel?

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This is a last call for anyone to share tracks in the southern French alps / Italian border. I would be interested in any from Annecy, south to the Med. Someone must have driven in this area...

There is one Vibraction route that crosses part of this area but I don't think that is suitable for us.

There are some routes on the "dangerous roads" website and quite a lot on motorcycle websites. A few hosted tour websites also give clues as to the routes they follow. Otherwise it is filtered Wikiloc and anything else I can find that's useful.

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Be very careful with the routes you find online...

Majority of people don't give a r..s a.. about legality as they drive them once and usu. never come back. Also, many tracks are closed "par ordere" by the Prefecture, not to mention land slides and the likes. Also, at the moment there is a lot closed due to the extreme weather.

Local info is best.

Enjoy !

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Can’t recommend from experience as I’ve not been there yet but I am hoping to head up to Forte Jaffrau in mid-June via the Galleria del Seguret(snow state permitting). That’s southeast of Annecy, just over the Italian border.

Also hoping to head along the Combe Laval, which is just a ‘normal’ alpine road but a stunning drive.


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Going up to Jaffrau is a long and winding track :



Be advised the weather up there, as in most mountain areas, can change in minutes from beautiful Summer 35 C + tot freezing hail in clouds. We have assisted more than a few walkers and cyclists over the years that were in deep sh. t. Also, it can be very busy with traffic and at times the tracks will be closed. Go and visit campibg Gran Bosco in the valley as they have good info.


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Thanks for your input and advice guys. Mont Jaffrau and the fort appears to sit at 2,800m and with the atrocious weather they have had, I wonder what it will be like up there. My neighbour lives in Annecy for much of the time and says it's been very cold (for the time of year) as well as very wet.

The tunnels look narrow and I wonder what the 'guaranteed' headroom is? We are taller than standard and have a box.

I think we will be leaving in just over a week...

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