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Can you put a 2.5D into a series 2A???


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my Dad is going a bit nostalgic and thinking about buying himself a series as a retirement toy...

what he's after is a diesel, tax exempt, short wheelbase... arond 1970ish...

but we were wondering, if you could replace the very gutless 2.25 diesel, with a slightly less gutless 2.5 D from a coiler?

is it a straight swap? does everything line up?

or should we look for one of these montego turbo D engines?

I like the idea of a simple old 2.5D, he only wants the truck to plod about in, so don't realy need monster performance...

I know of a nice 2.5D that might be up for grabs soon, and if it's a winner... then i might pick it up for him..

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A 2.5 diesel has a different injector pump arrangement than the 2.25, and this can cause problems.

If you use a standard Land-Rover engine you will find the injector pump fouls the driver's side engine mount and the battery. The only way around this is to move the battery (to under the passenger seat normally) and relocate the engine mount on the chassis.

If you use an engine sourced from a 2.5 litre Frieght-Rover Sherpa or an FX4R Taxi then the timing cover is different and puts the injector pump higher and nearer the engine. This allows you to use the standard series mounts and to leave the battery in it's original position. The Sherpa timing cover can be used on a Land-Rover engine (and a 2.5 TD or TDI), but has the disadvantage of not being waterproof, so pretty rubbish if you want to do any extreme off-roading. They also have unique timing belts which I am led to believe can be hard to track down.

A 200 TDI timing cover from a Discovery will fit the 2.5 N/A and TD and will allow you to use the standard chassis mounts, but you'd still need to move the battery. You'd need to use the Disco water pump and pulleys too, and possibly get a bit creative with your alternator mountings.

All in all it's a worthwhile swap. If you don't really want to do any wading then the Sherpa/Taxi engine is pretty much drop-in. Standard Land-Rover engines require a little more work/creativity, but anything's possible!

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Hi Glen.

I fitted the Sherpa engine in a LWB S3, and made the battery tray removeable, raised it a couple of inches, and altered the shape of the leg that's closest to the engine. I therefore had a battery in the usual place (for the winch), and a battery under the seatbox for the engine. Catflap - 88" S3 has this same arrangement, and it has a 2.5TD lump in it.

Les. :)

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