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V8: What Clutch Slave Cylinder?

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Time to get the clutch working...

I worked out last year (with help from the forum!) that the release mechanism I needed is/was like the Disco 2:

On 7/23/2022 at 6:42 PM, Phill S said:

After a lot of chasing around I found this in the discovery 2 area:


That's from here:



For reference that can all be found here:



Now I used the push rod, item 10 in the above diagram, FTC5199. Please don't tell me I got that wrong:



Am I right in thinking then, that I would need the slave cylinder for the 1987 spec 3.5 V8 - item 16 UKC8677L - now superseded by FTC5071?:


The only real difference from the original '87 V8 is the longer push rod to replace item 12?

Plus a revision to the slave cylinder end hydraulics to take me from 2.5NA diesel to V8 as in:


i.e. replacing the hose 16, then 17 with 18, and 21 with 22?

Also, where does bolt 23 attach?

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9 hours ago, Phill S said:

Time to get the clutch working...

And of course I've forgotten to identify that this is a 3.9 engine with an R380 gearbox. You were just supposed to know that....

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Can't help on part numbers but I will rave about the LOF slave cylinder, fitted it to mine (V8 R380) and it's soooo much nicer, only cost a few quid more than standard too.

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