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1983 Land rover 110 rebuild fuel tank question

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My son and I are just starting to reassemble a 1983 110 after having the chassis/bulkhead repaired and painted. We purchased the truck partially restored but it didnt have a fuel tank. We bought a EFI 4RRI single vent tank second hand which fits fine but I have a couple of questions. 

1/ The tank we purchased came with what looks like a new low pressure pump fitted in the top of the tank and a side sender that apparently doesnt work and also has had the fuel feed tube cut down so no good as a feed line. We will need a new sender, will the new sender work in this tank? same volume and shape to give an accurate reading? 

2/ At this stage the wiring harnesses are just a big birds nest in a cardboard box, did the original harness for a 1983 110 provision for a pump on the tank or will the pump wiring stop and only be wired to the chassis mounted facet pump which it has? 

3/ We are thinking we could use the pump supplied on the tank instead of the chassis facet pump even if we had to run the wiring for the pump, or are we better to sell off the tank pump, fit a blank to the top of the tank and just use the original facet chassis rail pump, buy a new sender and take the feed from that and return the fuel to the pipe on the top front RH corner of the new tank



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Thanks ....I'll power the pump up and see what it outputs, I'm guessing what was written on the tank from the parts place we bought it from was Range Rover Injected 'RRI' 

I was wondering if the standard chassis harness included the options for tank and chassis pump or if the tank wiring was only on the later year harnesses, may have to try and piece together the harness

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I'll try and confirm the pump then see if the wiring is there, will have to unravel the wiring but have a feeling there is only sender wiring

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My workshop manual for 1983 and on seems to show the pump mounted in the tank only, is there some advantage of just doing this over the chassis facet pump and did they incorporate this in tank method as standard post 1985 and on? I guess the chassis pump is easier to get to later on if required but there must be some other reason why they went to the tank mounted pump 

On looking a bit further the low pressure and high pressure pumps do look the same so I'll have to be careful there, starting to think may be best to stick standard with the facet pump and just make the blank for the top of the tank where the pump goes.....any thoughts?



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20 hours ago, Paul C said:

My 1985 has the pump in the tank.  I would stick with that. Are you sure that it is low pressure not high pressure,  they both look similar.

Yeah unfortunately they aren't marked in anyway so would have to pump some gas to find out. 

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