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Is this brake valve in the wrong place?

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Hi folks, 

Nearing the end of a 90 Tdi refit and looking for a place to put the bonnet release cable through the bulkhead. 

I fitted this brake valve here as that's where it was on mine, but I'm wondering if it's in the wrong place and using the hole the release cable should come through? 

New one:


Old bulkhead (though I can't rotate the image on my phone):


Easy enough to change if it is wrong as the lines are all flexi. 

Any advice appreciated as always. 


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Thanks guys - it is a 300Tdi. This is the valve that came off and I'm just replacing like with like. 


I took lots of photos on the dismantling, but that was 2 years ago and they're now on the PC at home 20 miles away. 

It was definitely on the bulkhead and not on a chassis bracket. 

There only really are the two options I suppose, so I'll go with the lower one! 

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That valve is normally mounted lower down but still on the bulkhead. Earlier 90's had a slightly different valve mounted on the chassis, I can't remember if it direct to the chassis or on the bulkhead support.



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Found a ropy pic of an original 300 Defender 90 valve, a bit obscured by the air intake water drain 


The mount bolt hole is on the lower side, below the foot well fold, Not that it really matters unless originality is the aim. The hole it is currently mounted to is the bonnet cable grommet hole.


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Thanks all 👍, I did just remove it from the upper location, and put it lower down where it was supposed to be. Because of the flexi pipes it was no drama at all - and I then promptly used that upper hole for its intended purpose by fitting the bonnet release cable. 

In most instances I've found working on this 300Tdi that it's handy to have my own one sitting just outside for reference, but on this occasion I now realise that my car is "wrong" - though I'm not going to get excited about it!

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