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I've bought myself a new toy! It's a very solid 92 3.9 Vogue SE auto Range Rover Classic with a few goodies on it.

Mark came with me to look at it and expressed concern about the type of transer box it has... the high/low range gear lever only has 3 positions - high, neutral and low. The old E plate RR I'm used to had a manual diff lock that had to be selected. The Disco 2 that I drive has the same 3 position arrangement, but has traction control!!

[simpleton mode]what does all this mean?? I've heard names and numbers flying around, be it Borg Warner, or whatever, but i've no idea what they all really mean!! Does this system run off of the ABS wheel sensors??[simpleton mode off/]

What are the pitfalls of not having a 'manual' diff lock? Am I better off taking the box off of the old one and putting it on the new one??

What's the worst that could happen? I think Mark spoke to Chris - GBMUD - and came up with a suggestion that they 'fail solid'. Now, as far as we can work out, that means that if the system goes wrong it is locked in 4 wheel drive...but is still drivable?? Obviously assuming that it hasn't all disintegrated inside!!

I know it's all a bit basic for some of you guys, but thought I'd better get a bit more background. What gearbox am I likely to have, too - 3.9EFi 4speed auto??

Any pointers gratefully received. Also, anyone who wants to write a brief description of how the system works will be rewarded with ample praise!!



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That's a Borg Warner with viscous coupling. They can fail solid, which is like driving round in diff-lock on the road - bad for the drivetrain. ISTR it manifests itself as tyre scrubbing if you're lucky, if not then something will go ping :unsure:

They are quite convenient when they're working - with an auto box they make for very relaxed off-roading, if not quite ultimate performance / control.

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That will be the BorgWarner viscous coupling box as already intimated. I love them and have one in my Discovery racer.

The faults as far as I remember come down to spline wear and the viscous coupling locking up. If you are not exhibiting wind-up or too much slack in the transmission then it should be fine. It has a few advantages over the manual diff lock set-up, none less than you can't 'forget' to lock the diff!


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