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Re-covering interior trim

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I've seen people DIY re-cover their headlining, but has anyone done the rest of the trim? Such as the rear window surrounds, b-pillar trim etc?

I'm thinking of using a 4-way stretch vinyl and spray trim-adhesive but just wondering whether anyone has had a go and can give any pointers!?

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I have only done a dash and wiper motor cover on a series 3 [similar dash to 90/110] As long as you use a good quality and high temp spray adhesive you will be ok with 4 way stretch vinyl. Have a search on YT for ''Recovering a very bad Series 3 Land Rover dash''[britannica restorations] that should give you a little idea what to expect, I presume side panels shouldn't be to hard to do as long as they havent got to big indentations, if they have you might have to make some sort of contraption to press the vinyl in to  indentation. You see in video what I mean. [Like around vents and screw indentations vinyl will not want to form to easily and will need a helping hand] 

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I trimmed the whole of Ibex's interior - don't underestimate how long it takes to do well.  You need the high temp adhesive as Greg says and can soon consume a few cans I must have gone through 20+.

The trick with vinyl is using a little heat from a hot air gun if you're trying to stretch or shrink it.

I made panels to cover and then attach to the interior made some in ply but most the large area panels are 1.2mm ali.

I put a load of sound deadening material in first which I could hide behind panels.

I used an alcantara type cloth on head linings with a scrim foam behind it, looks great but was a real challenge as the give in the cloth is limited.

once glued the material wants nothing more than to stick to itself, so have a plan for the larger or more challenging areas  - you don't need to spray your work piece all at once,  and I had good results using grease proof paper to cover areas I didn't want things to stick to.

Have fun!



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