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Hogmoor Enclosure, Bordon


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Does anyone know where this is? Apart from the obvious answer, Bordon :rolleyes:

Whats the site like? Big or small? Is it very sandy with lots of water or is it a more technical site?

Ive had enough of playing in the grinding paste!!

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Just round the corner from Slab.

Big sandy site. There are some technical bits in the trees, but most of its just big, sandy and been cut up badly by the tanks.

Some of the holes are deceptively deep also.

Have to say its not my favourite site - I do prefer Slab, but even thats getting boring these days!


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Hogmoor has a few more sharp edges than Slab as it hasn't been abused so much over the years.

Not generally as wet on the tracks but that does depend on recent weather.

It is still used by the military every day during the week so the tank tracks are always very fresh.

A nice site but still grinding paste I'm afraid :D

Grid Ref is: SU785353

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