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Sealing lower battery box hole...

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I'm in the process of tidying up a 93 90 200tdi.

There was no battery fixing, so when crossing fields the battery was bouncing around...

So I've cleaned out the box and installed a YRM tray. I've blocked 2 of the 4 holes with 35mm blind grommets but the two battery lead holes are problematic.

I have a breather tube for the battery itself to vent fumes.

The negative lead is high up, so not so concerned about that, but I'd like to stop general crud getting into the box via the lower positive lead 35mm hole (there's two cables going in there). Obviously, if that hole is blocked I'd put a one-way drain in on the floor.

What are the options - I'd prefer the box to stay reasonably clean as I'd like to use it for storage.

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As an electronic engineer (by training) I use RS/Farnell/Digikey etc regularly, but I'd never buy glands off of them! TLC maybe...

However, glands are an option.

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2 hours ago, fmmv said:

@Nickod can you please explain what you did for the breather? I am planning a similar exercise.

The battery I have has a vent hole for gasses and is designed to be used in sealed containers providing a vent tube is plugged into it and the other end of the tube is in open air.

e.g. Our Volvo has the battery under the boot at the back in a sealed area with the spare wheel and is totally safe so long as the vent pipe is plugged in.


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