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Welding cart build

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Having a big tidy up at the moment and one way of me getting back some much needed space was to have one cart for both welders. I tried this with a cart I already had and it diddnt appreciate the extra weight and I diddnt appreciate losing the storage, only being able to carry one gas bottle and having to kneel on the floor to adjust settings on the tig.

Been watching a guy on YouTube called “ratha sochenda” who makes everything he can and does very clean work so checked out his cart and it fits the bill. I bought the plans from his Etsy store for £20 and got on with it.


this design called for 25x50x1.5mm box and 25x25x1.5mm…….well I diddnt have that to hand so channeled my inner HFH  and made from is 50x50x3mm and 30x30x3mm which I did have and as a result, it’s somewhat on the weighty side


Diddnt take many photos of the actual build because this was a big rush job but here’s we’re we’re at now….




it’s still unfinished but the bones are there. 

controversially I have gone for castors on all 4 corners, everyone said that would be a mistake but it actually rolls around very nicely. And yes they’re welded on, it was quicker and I’m not doing to take them off again.


still need to make a retainer for the bottles


still a bit undecided on weather or not I should have the tig rods on the cart or not



I’ll also be re designing the handle. The initial plans call for 2 100mm box stand offs with a piece of tube welded between them. This works but I need a bit more leverage and want the handle coming out further to protect the mig torch socket so some nice bent up tube will do. 


all in all a good little build the man’s channel is here:



and the video to his cart is here:

Can’t seem to kink his Etsy but it’s on his channel. Hopefully this helps someone on here out



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22 minutes ago, Bowie69 said:

Stable, we call it stable😂

min all honesty though, I don’t regret making it that heavy. It rolls really smoothly and doesn’t rattle around like other carts

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