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fitting series 1 windscreen


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List of jobs for MOT is now down to new springs and shocks on rear and a new windcsreen

OilIt on here had a windscreen up so I have decided to try and fit my own. I have loads of theory and bugger all practice.

1) remove old screen (as gently as possible)

2) recover rubber around edge

3) fit rubber on new screen

4) [ the tricky bit ] - put screen against outside and then use some string to draw seal inside?

5) break screen and phone autoglass

I know it will all make a lot more sense when I take the old one out, but any hints or pictures are gratefully received.


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Sounds like you've got it about right from my experience....I would add copious amounts of lubrication in the form of swarfega or washing up liquid. It's easy to remove with a damp cloth, so don't worry about how much you use!

Another thing, start from the middle when you are putting it in and do a few inches at a time on each side, top and bottom.

With regard to getting the old one out - if it's knackered just sit in the seat and push with your feet. If you want to keep it as an emergency spare, start at the top outer corners and go inch by inch working from all 4 corners towards the middle equally.

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200Tdi screens are fitted with a rubber seal same principle as a Defender

300Tdi and later are all bonded and it can be done but it is very VERY easy to end up with leaks, better to get somebody who does it all the time to do it!

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Job done yesterday. Took some photo's so will post a thread showing how I did it.

Jerry (OilIt) gave some hints when I got the spare off him and his comments helped.

I should have splashed out on some better string to pull the seal in, the stuff i had was too big I think.

Would I do it again? Probably if a new screen was cheap enough - I did for this one because the disco is TPFT with no windscreen cover, and autoglass would probably have said it needed a new rubber, or broke the old, as the rubber is about £70 which would near double the price. Taking my time it took about 3 hours, but it did put up a fight and I also fell off the roof of the disco during that time (my very own HFH moment, it was ok the ground broke my fall nicely).

I think I have pulled a homer though, my neck and back are feeling quite good ( I landed flat on my back when I fell) so perhaps I carried out a spinal shock realignment (TM © by me). I shall be opening a clinic where I put a crash helmet on you, take you to the roof of the disco and push you off. Discounts for forum members :)

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gets funnier everytime I think about it, wife was in the car pushing the glass to make sure it didn't pop through as I got the last bit of seal in. All she saw was my fly past the drivers window and the wet sound of me hitting the floor. Apparently I don't bounce.

On top of that, because I landed in the road, it would be when a car was coming, no idea how close to getting run over it was. I am thankful that the missus didn't open the door into me as I got up to top it off.

Made even better when I got to work this morning and one of the other guys was playing badmington, stretched to hit and has put his back out. He's walking like he's the hunch back of notre dame and is in agony, I offered to push him off the disco put he told me to go away.

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