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LT77 51A Gearbox

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Can anyone tell me whether the LT77 51A gearbox I have on my 84 110 is original for the year, only I seem to remember reading somewhere on the net that it's a military gearbox, is this right?

The 110 was originally a 2.25 petrol (according to the code) but is now a 2.5NA, however the V5 says:

model/type 110 V8 SW D :huh:

I can see no sign of a V8 having been fitted, I assume that the engine mounts would have needed to have been altered for a V8 to have been fitted.

Assuming that the gearbox would not have been fitted with a V8, is the gearbox correct for a diesel or petrol or does it not make much of a difference as the gearing in the transfer box is more crucial, therefore was this gearbox originally fitted to either fuel type?

Any help would be appreciated as I'm trying to figure out what's orignal and what's not.

While I'm on the subject of gearboxes; is it possible to fit a cross-drilled gear on this type of LT77, only the backlash on it's a SOB (although she does need new bushes)?


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Sorry being a bit of a noggin :blink: , didn't mean cross-drilled gear on the gearbox, I meant LT230, I have a 12A, but information is irrellevant now as I've found the answer to this question under the following thread.

"One for Mr Ashcroft or other gearbox gurus, LT230 input gears" - posted by FridgeFreezer.

However I'm still looking for any info on the gearbox if you can help.

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LT77 serial numbers from the LR 110 1987 on parts book

50A used in 4 cylinder engined vehicles

56A 200Tdi 1991 model year on

60A V8

61A V8 with oil cooler

I seem to remember the 51A being a military version with IIRC a lower 1st & 2nd gear from the standard civilian gearbox

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Thanks guys, obviously the gearbox was changed when the engine was fitted, would have thought this was to get better top end performance out of the lower reving diesel.

Any idea whether the LT230 12A would have been original or do you think this is also a replacement? I suspect that because of the year that the 12A is original fit, mind I did think that about the gearbox....!

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Guest diesel_jim

my military parts book shows the 22D (90) and 20D (110) transfer box fitted to the 51A prefix LT77.... although that's only for two particular contract numbers.

I'm sure Mr Ashcroft casn shed some more light on the subject.

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