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300TDi auto


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Would I be correct in thinking the pre-EDC 300TDi auto box is the same as the 200TDi ?

I need a replacement gearbox for my '95 300TDi, and as I've got a dodgy hip, was considering fitting an auto.

Besides flywheel, torque converter, oil cooler, gear change linkage and shifter knob is there anything else required?

Anybody done it?

or should I replace the R380 and stop whining like an ol' man? :lol:

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The box is probably the same on all 300Tdis - I don't think the EDC ones had an electronic auto?

Talk to Dave Ashcroft about what you want to do, I did when I converted my old 1996 3.9 V8 from manual to auto and he was very patient and helpful in identifying and supplying all the bits required :)

He is on here as "ashtrans" so may pop up shortly...

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i think you need a new center console as well to accomodate the different shape gearbox gate.


All you need is a jigsaw and the correct mat from the auto vehicle to cover up the now slightly odd shaped hole :)

Auto to manual would need a replacement console but manual to auto you can get away with it.

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