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Rear X member with extentions for 110

Paul Humphreys

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I replaced my 110's rear X-member (ANR2056) last year with one supplied by Devon 4X4, cost me £151.56.

Not sure where they source these from but the outriggers I also got at the time were Britpart; however I was disapointed by the quality of the X-member it seemed a hell of a lot lighter and tinnier than the original, also the hole for the fuel line was not cut in main tub support, something I didn't notice until it had been fitted, painted and the rear tub was back on (thank god for plasma cutters).

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I have used the Bearmach supplied 110 rear crossmember with extensions, and the fit was perfect. The 90 one was entirely a different matter though. I believe that Bearmach outriggers/crossmembers are supplied by Richards chassis.

This is a 110 crossmember supplied by Bearmach - it fitted straight on with no problems at all.


Les. :)

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Here's a shot of the D4X4 supplied rear X-member, just for comparison.


As you can see it has longer extensions than the Bearmach one.


i need a xmember with long extensions, but i can´t find this part in onlineshop by D4X4. can anyone send me a link to the part offer?


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