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2" lift or more???

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I trailled my 90 TC last weekend and managed to snap the front shocker.SO nows a good time to sort the suspension out.

My wish list comprises of coilovers on a 3 link front end with a trutrac thrown in for good measure!

Meanwhile back in the real world i've been reading 4x4 mags in the office (Loo!) trying to work out whats on offer from the differing firms like x eng,llama,mm4x4,devon4x4,qt etc etc etc.

I want a lift with good droop,and would prefer an "off the shelf kit".BUT not essential

seen a few complete kits for around £800 but thats half what i paid for the truck!

Do i need a 2" or a 3" lift?

Do i need cones etc,cranked arms etc

are the bearmach blue springs ok?

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Can i direct you to your thread about D90 mods - theres a fair bit on there about peoples experiences with 90 suspension

As for lift - personally I say avoid it - unless you need the clearance for bigger tyres I cant see the point - You are just raising the centre of gravity, making it more unstable on the roads and on side slopes, and the Bearmach springs (like the britpart ones) are just standard length but much stiffer so that the car doesnt compress them as much - giving you the lift, but this just makes for limited flex offroad.

People will recommend OME springs (rightly so) but these are far too costly for my tastes. IMHO the best route is to use genuine parts springs (link to the spring table is in the tech archive and another link in the thread above) to give you the poundage/rate you desire and then use spring packers or lifters to raise the vehicle height as you require

Lewis :)

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Si's new system looks like a good way fwd.

i run OME d4x4 springs, firm but good ride with Paddocks rear dislocation cones and +2" procomps and find it superb. red and whites do seem to givea fair bit of body roll, good for articulaztion not so good with a bit of weight in the car or road driving in my exp.

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