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V8 Remote Oil Filter Takeoffs


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Guess how I found this lot out :rolleyes: hopefully will save someone else having the same headache as me (and Nige who has been building the lump).

If you want to put a remote filter head or oil cooler on a V8 you will need either a sandwich plate or a replacement pump cover. This is also necessary for most V8 conversions as the filter hits the front axle. Personally I think they're quite a handy thing to have anyway as priming the oil pump means just pouring some oil down a hose rather than major surgery, and changing the filter likewise. You can also fit a bigger (taller) filter on the remote filter heads if you mount them in a nice space.

There are two flavours of replacement pump cover, FlowTech (sold by RPi) and Mocal sold by Think Automotive. Both are pretty similar, they have 1/2" BSP ports. The FlowTech one comes with built-in PRV whereas the (slightly cheaper) Mocal one you re-use the PRV from your old oil pump cover.

Mocal type:


FlowTech type:


Neither of these will fit a cross-bolted block :angry:

The sandwich plates are available in two flavours, "straight out" and "side exit", you will probably need the side-exit type. These are cheaper to buy than pump covers, and pop up on eBay and at Sodbury quite often. They spin-on in place of the original oil filter.





Note that on my V8 conversion even the side-exit type fouled the front axle, I'm hoping that the engine is now far enough away to get away with it, otherwise I've got to get cunning with the engineering :unsure:

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there is a third type too- it's a sandwhich type with side exits as in the third picture down, but boltes in between the oil filter and the front cover.

I have one in my garage and i will have a dig to see if i can find a picture of it.

Serpentine front covers naturally have ports for oil take offs although sometimes they are blanked off.


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Its a 4.6 V8 Cross Bolted block that should be a serpentine front end, but has a std 3.5 and 3.9 efi ish (and all sorts of bits to make it all fit) conversion, so it doesn't have a serp front end !

This has been "Fun" from start to finish :lol: and thats fun in a "Arrrrggh :angry::unsure::angry::blink::angry::unsure::lol::ph34r: sort of way"


Same engine setup as me, I run a side-exit sandwich plate and 2.5TD radiator with the built in oil cooler. Never had a problem with axle clearance (i run extended bump stops), although I did have a problem a while ago when a small log got flicked up by a tyre when reversing, went up between the steering rods, clobbered the oil filter making it leak, pulled the oil pressure warning wire off and bits of stick went into the fan :o Got the engine shut off in time.

Unlucky to happen but i think remote mounting the oil filter and fixing a shaped & drilled bashplate across the bottom front of the chassis would protect it along with the belts & VR sensor.

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