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silicone hoses


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does anyone make silicone cooling/boost hoses for 300tdis?? i am getting ready for some new hoses for my 90 and it already has silicone hoses fitted but dont know whos they are(mine obviously,but dont know what make they are :rolleyes: before anyone comments)


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Did it to my 300 Tdi90 Made a differance. But what i also did was to replace the metal tubing from the turbo to intercooler . They do one that does not have the kink that the land rover one has (so a perfect round tube). The kink is for the steering box on a left hand drive. This all gave the truck some more speed and better mid range power

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id be interested if i could get enough to finish my truck. doesnt happen very often, just happened to be at work when a hose blew on a saturday so no one was about.

im sure a mate got a set for a 200tdi for about £30 once. from some place on the north circular i think. dont know anymore details though, he was in there for something else & saw them in the clearance bin if i remember correctly.

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