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dark window film


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hi all i would like to darken all the rear windows on my disco1 and wondered if anyone has done this and what they used, i would like it to be real dark, it is a 3 door disco thanks

do you want it totaly blacked out or just very dark?

If you contact any window tint company they can offer various shades and if you ask nicely and pay cash most will do you a good


my local one charged me £30 a window ( thats fitted) and it looks as good as the factory fitted privacy glass but a lot cheaper!!

I have tried to do it myself once before and it had more bubbles than an aero! :blink:

so was worth the £30 to get it done properly




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windae film is not as hard as people think!

just take your time, read the instructions...again READ the instructions. preparation is your friend!! take your time and get a dust free and wind free environment to do it if you can for best results. i used to do this to top up the pennies for freinds and a local business cause they all heard it was hard...BS its a piece of tiddle if you read the instructions!!

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Window Tint Film UK www.wtfuk.co.uk (I think) do a kit for a few quid. Lots of washing up liquid and squeegees. I got a very good result on my Defender, but then the windows are all flat. Are later Disco or RR (P38A onwards) windows slightly curved to follow the body shape? I didn't bother with the alpine roof windows. Couldn't see how to get the film up there, probably need about 5 hands with very slim fingers. The rest was doddle though.

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