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Somerset 4x4 trial, 23rd october


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Somerset 4x4 is holding a trial at Othery, between Weston Zoyland and Langport in Somerset (click here for multimap link) DOH! links arent working, jus go to www.multimap.com and type in Othery. The event will be sign-posted with orange arrows marked SOM4X4 from there.

Same format and rules as an AWDC trial, we jus got sick of all the politics, backstabbing and general bitchyness going on in the Somerset AWDC trials scene at the mo, so a group of us have started our own club for those who just want to trial once a month, have fun and have a good day out.

Anyone welcome, its a good site for both beginners and the experienced alike. Its also a good site for those who dont have a spectacular turning circle.

Entry fee is 20 squids on the day

Scruteneering starts @9am

Event starts @10am ish

and some very nice trophies up for grabs for first overall, and first + second in each class

I have written a a bit about the last trial (18th sept, livery quarry, nr Spaxton) which is in 'Wanted 300tdi +box' in the classified forum, for more details, look at www.somerset4x4.com (bear with them, it takes them a while to update the site)

Or drop me a pm for more info.

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I am interested. Looked at your website and it seems dominated by modified vehicles. Do you have an RTV class?

Depends on how many turn up, if there is 2 or more RTV's show then they will prob have their own class, but if not, then they go in2 the most apropriate class to their vehicle. A couple of months ago, a standard 90 beat the mod's and came first overall, and we have a standard (if not somewhat beaten!) 2door rangie that normally joins the Open class if there is no other RTV's.

Also it depends on your definition of 'RTV', we use the same one as AWDC, which is basically a 'standardl' truck, mods like lockers/lsd's, are only allowed if a factory option.

If you have lockers and no cage, you will be in Open class

If you have lockers and a cage, you will be in class 2

Tyres are open choice, only limit being dumpers alowed in class 1 and two only.

What ever the spec of your vehicle, you will be welcomed and be advise of the class you will be in if your unsure.

Dont be afraid to ask if you have any more q's

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I might well be up for this as well, its been years since I have done any trialling, the only two trials I have been to in the 110 have been part of the Exmoor Challenge and both times I have suffered mechanical problems and failed to finish :(

I think its high time Trialing became fashionable again and its events like this that will do that, good luck with it fellas ;)

Will :)

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Anyone is welcome, come along

i will also be at Sodbury the day before, but (hopefully) be earning money rather than spending it!

James, all i can say is that you are a big girls blouse! With a peice of kit like yours, u'd have a very good chance of a trophy (and they are v.nice trophies, i have one on my shelf already and another to collect at this event from last time.

This means that if anyone does win 1, they have2 come to the next meet to be awarded it as its all engraved with your name and 1/2/Open class winner/runner up.

Or if your very good, Overall winner.

Will, your very welcome in your 110, but it might not be the most suitable vehicle to use. Make sure you have a very good look at all the sections before you drive them and only drive as far as you are comfortable and capable to go.

This also goes for everyone who is thinking of joining in.

We do have one rule extra to the awdc and it is purely for the safety of all concerned: Any vehicle is welcome to trial with us (providing it passes basic scrutineering), BUT if you wish to compete regularly with us, we ask that you have some form of roll-over protection in your vehicle, whether it is just a box section 'hoop' behind the seats to protect you roof from fouling on your head in the unfortunate event of a roll, to a ful-blown seemless steel cage

this is just for the safety of the occupants of the vehicles, and is basic common sense really.

we have several fabricators/engineers within the club who are more than happy to help anyone who needs it, they have just finished building a cage for an sj410 and are just about to start one for a bobtailed rangie, all whitin the club, and for nothing more than a few beer tokens.

honitonhobbit, the 'lodger' will be fine as a passenger, tho experience has taught me that the fan belt tends to squeak a hell of a lot if there is a female in the vehicle - dunno why.

after a while, i found that no-one was datf enuff to passenger with me in my rangie, so that is why its now a single-seater, class 1 mod, which is what i should (providing i fix it in time) be driving at othery, its big, blue and has a tractor bonnet with DE-RANGED painted down the side, you cant miss it, so come and say hi before we start and i will help you with anything that i can.

if you have any more q's, u know what to do!

alternativly, my mobile number is posted on the somerset 4x4 website.

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Will, your very welcome in your 110, but it might not be the most suitable vehicle to use. Make sure you have a very good look at all the sections before you drive them and only drive as far as you are comfortable and capable to go.

You've never seen Will drive have you? :lol:

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You've never seen Will drive have you? :lol:

umm.......no is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

I dont want anyone rolling up in their shiney new vehicles under false pretenses that their vehicle will leave in the same state it started in!

Altho it is non damaging, its only to a certain extent, surface scratches are a minimum, and it depends on just how far the driver is willing to go....

I dont want some1 to turn round and try to say its my fault that they've damaged their vehicle, cuz there are a**holes out there that would!

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nice! I look forward to seeing him attempting to negociate some of the sections. ;)

Tony, are you planning on just watcing or actually competeing? personally i think that you should compete and show james just how much of a weed he is for not taking part too.


jus kiddin james.

You asked if i had seen will's driving, well you haven't seen mine yet (or at least, not in my machine).

I killed an engine, and blew apart 3 rear diffs in 2 months, (thats only 2 comps that its been to)

The diff pan has soo many holes in it from exploding teeth (and me reversing into large rocks, but we wont go into that now...) that im just going to replace the whole axle complete, rather than change the diff (which is still blown) and attempt to weld it up again, considering the whole axle will cost me the pricey sum of £35 from a mate, with diff, half shafts and discs, all complete. so im going to get the axle tomorrow (well its today now!) and i have a few other little jobs to do to the machine, like a new petrol tank, as the current leaks badly on serious angles, mesh across the air gap that is my 'windscreen', and take out a personal loan so i can afford to put enuff petrol in it for the comp!

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you took the words out of my mouth and saved me PM Hedley to let him know Will was more than capable of coping!!

Scott, i will prob make my own way over, save you doglegging to me. i am jsut below Triscombe nursery. so in the ball park.

Hedley - yep ok a big girls blouse no trouble with that - although i stick by me belief - time is seldom wasted on recce!!!! let me see what i am getting into before committing!!

what time is good to rock up to spectate then 1100hrs?

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The more, the merrier!

I think i mite have a cold shower now, cuz i just crawlled in from a sat nite out, and WOW wot a night it has been!

Being 20 and single is soo much fun!


if your only going to spectate then any time after 10am, but for those of us who are not big girls blouses', scruteneering starts @9am, most people arrive arrive between 9.15 and 9.45, every1 has a chat before unloading/signing on, and then there is a mad rush to get all the vehicles checked before a 10am kick off.

and as for recce's, everyone gets a recce of each course when they walk the course before driving it, and you also watch every1 who goes before you to see where they make mistakes. and yes, we do have a system of starting order, so its fairly organised.

Ive collected my bargain axle today, and also some mesh for a screen, so thats tomorrow booked up sorting it all out and grafting it on with the old arc box.

i think il do the axle before i install the petrol tank directly above tho!

as for anyones driving siklls, well, that will be tested on the day.

i only hope that i dont blow another diff apart!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Any one else gona pop out n watch? or better, participate?

Its about time i put mine over n tested my cage.

I been trialing for nearly 2 years now and the worst i have done so far is landed my completely standard diesel series 3 on its side @ the Othery site. It hardly even marked it!

Had a few close shaves tho.... :blink:

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