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What is the world coming to?

Mean Green

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What is the world coming to when you cant even leave your car parked in the street without some little scroat kicking the wing mirror off!

I left the Rangie at my Mum's for a few hours tonight while we went to a concert, got back to find the wing mirror hanging from the door!

I suppose it is my fault, I had planned to take the rangie to the concert but thought I would save gas and take my mums car and secondly, I would normally park in her drive but coudl be bothered moving it tonight!

I phoned the Police to report it, just in case there were any other cars damaged in the area, certainly didnt seem to bothered... I know there was not a lot they could do, but it would have been nice if they had taken my details, then at least it would have been recorded.

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I saw a couple of young thugs "up to no good" by tipping flower planters and ripping out "For Sale" signs last year from the bedroom window, quite late at night. Nipped out and went after them with the Rangie and caught up with them down the road. Mounted the pavement and created a V with the car against a wall and walked round the back to confront them.... :angry: Offered them the options of either "take me to your parents" or I will call the cops and you'll need to hang around her waiting..

They chose the first option so I ran them home... They tried to sell me a dummy and took me to the wrong house so I checked their details and found that one of their mother actually worked for one of our contractors - classic! :lol: That really did change their approach and it was all resolved ok, never saw them again ;)

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honest Greg, I promise it wasn't me.

It was me however who just panned in a Renault Megane's wing mirror with the classic though. Had to move over to avoid a head on with a white van. Thought I might clear the wing mirror due to the height difference. Instead the little wing indicator light caught the mirror and truly smashed it clean off.

Despite now having a scrape right down the whole side of the car ( literally ), wing being pushed in around the indicator lens, the little indicator is still there in one piece !

However, whats not so fortunate is that driver of said car was in the car at the time . . . . with the window down. . . . . she must have got a close look at my paint work as i passed by.

So it looks like i;m about to be stung for a new mirror . . . . which aint cheap.


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Well finally managed to get some time to have a lok at the mirror. Glass and case fully intact but been snapped off at the plastic lugs that hold it onto the door. A proper land Rover bodge with Gaffer tape and screws did the job :D

The Amazing thing is the brother-in-law had the mirror on his classic kicked off at about the same time, 25 miles down the road - although he is on holiday and doesnt know it yet!

Now Donald tell the truth ... you scrapped the classic deliberately so that you could use up some of your spare paint! Good job it wasnt the P38 ... Mrs F would not be happy!!!

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