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Tyres, Tubes and Wheels


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I want to get some more aggressive tyres.

My driving is around 50% off-road and I really don't mind noisy "compromise" tyres for the road.

I've decided to (probably ) go for some Greenway Anacondas.

The Anaconda's look good and are cheap enough to try them out (Machos are a close second but I'm not sure I'd be happy with "MACHO" written on both sides of my truck :D )

My main problem is wheels!

I really like my Landrover Ninety's plain old steel wheels.

They suit my truck and don't look out of place.

If possible, I'd like to get the new tyres fitted to my old wheels.

However....I guess I'd need to have tubes fitted if I keep these wheels???

I've read that tubes in tubeless tyres are a bad idea (and I'm guessing the Anacondas/Machos are tubeless tyres)

I'm currently running General Grabbers with tubes and have had one puncture already! (done less than 70 miles)

What should I do?????

Any advice really appreciated!

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You could try and get a late set of the tubeless steel wheels, the Defenders that have been sold here for about the last year or so have the same type (same appearance) of std steel LR wheels but they are now tubeless not tubed.

Otherwise whatever you do is a compromise as you suggest.

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Find a set of Tubeless XD/Wolf/130 heavy duty wheels.

A set of Wolfs are on the list of things to get but are a long way off at the moment.

I really need to get it through its forthcoming MOT before I can think of getting them.

I can justify the tyres as it needs a couple and the Anacondas are only £50 a corner.

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I know its not to do with wheels but I think i heard a few people saying not too good things about the anacondas although i could be wrong. I and a few mates all run machos and i would say they are very good i can get everywhere my mate can on 265/75 grizzilyclaws with my 750's (mine are fedimas but the same pattern) and i have found some 285/75 machos for £65 which i am seriously considering to give me that bit more height than a normal 33" but hopefully refrain from the breakages 35's bring.

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Firstly, yes, you can keep your current wheels but you must use inner tubes whether you use tubed tyres or tubeless tyres.

It is standard practice to fit tubes in tubeless tyres on tube type rims. Don't forget it is almost impossible to find these types of tyres which are NOT tubeless. The manufacturers do not want the hassle of making two types of tyre.

Secondly, the standard rims are 5.5 inches wide and the biggest tyre recommended by tyre manufacturers for this rim is 7.50x16. However many people fit 235/85x16 tyres without problems (though they should be fitted to a rim with a min width of 6 inches). 235/85x16 is about the same height (32inches) as a 7.50x16 but slightly wider. You cannot fit anything wider.

Thirdly some tubeless tyres are rougher on the inside than a tube type tyre, and this can cause chafing punctures on cheap(thin) or old tubes. Any labels left inside the tyre will do the same. Some punctures on tubed tyres are caused by rust flakes from rusty rims.

If you have clean rims, decent tubes (eg Michelin Airstop) and the tyres aren't too rough on the inside (most makes are fine in my experience), you won't have any problems at all and shouldn't for at least the life of the tyres.

Hope this helps,



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greenway machos are pretty good and agressive, they are also really wuiet on the road, which is more than can be said for many similarly aggressive tread types.

unforutnatley you do end up with 'macho hardrider' written at each corner of your car. 8 months on and the slagging has not relented :( i think my friends will still find plenty more mileage in that one too. maybe in 2009 or somethign the joke wil have worn thin.

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Thanks for all the advice.

I've now heard several people say Anaconda's are not to hot.

This being the case it looks like I'm about to set my self up for some ridicule and buy some 235 x 85 x 16 Machos.

I'll run them tubed with my current steel wheels until funds allow me to get some Wolfs.

"Macho Hardriders" , they sound like something that you'd see on a Jeep :D

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It's great that you've posted this 'cos I am asking exactly the same questions at the moment.

I am about to get some 235/85/R16 Insa Turbo Special Track (80% off road and noisier than what you are considering) and on balance it seems that most people are fitting tubes.

By the way I'll have some 750/R16 Greenway Chacos (MTs) going begging if anyone's interested?


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