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hello everyone, as the start of my new job was postponed due to the driech weather in wales recently, i decided to take the tractor to jockistan again, my first major venture since egr removal, defender downpipe fitting, intercooler/inlet manifold/sedimenter cleaning was completed and i'm happy to say (reaching for the nearest sizeable chunk of wood) that the old girl behaved like a gentleman :blink: all the way. 700 miles there and back and about 400 whilst there. :) i also removed the viscous fan before i left but i dont really know what difference that alone would make along with the other slight improvements. hoped the heater might warm up sooner but cant say's i noticed any improvement there. overall i'd say that there was a very modest increase in performance but on the way there this led to an example of einstein's theory of relativity, where any benefit to fuel economy was lost by the equal and opposite effect it had on my right foot :rolleyes: however, coming back i drove like i usually do and reckon it cost at least 5 quid less than usual, not a great deal but "muny a mickle maks a muckle" as my granny used to say, before the shock therapy that is! anyway, just thought i'd let you know. :)

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