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Series 3, 6 cylinder gearbox


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The bellhousing is different. If your old four cylinder bellhousing is OK then you can swap them over.

The way to tell instantly is look at the bulge in the bellhousing to go over the starter motor bendix... if there's a mounting hole there for a flywheel housing stud to go through then it's a six-pot box (or a series 1 ioe box), if not then it's a four cylinder one.

Obviously you'll have to swap input shafts/bearings etc too if they're worn, and fit a new gasket.

Remember, the input shaft and first motion gear should be kept as a pair and if one is swapped then so should the other.

All the best, Glen.

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Hi, I need to replace my 6 cylinder g/box; it grinds into 2nd and pops out of 1st on the over run. Can I simply buy a good standard S3 box, and swap over the bell housing from my tired box, and bolt it back up?



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