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How to remove and fit Disco 1 windscreen


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On the Discovery 1's the windscreen is held in by a rubber seal (MWC8304) and some filler strips (MXC8199, I think).

The rubber seal is an expensive item (a quick check shows it around £70) so it is worth being careful with.

Remove the windscreen wipers first, a simple 13mm nut and tease them off. They aren't splined on mine, which was surprising, so some location marks might be worth it.

The windscreen has filler strips in this seal which lock the glass in place, so the first thing is to tease these out.


I was warned by OilIt that the strip can be brittle so to edge it out with a screw driver all the way and don't get too confident and

start pulling else it will snap. Mine was starting to get a bit inflexible near the top.

The filler is in 4 parts, the bottom corner seen here shows how they are mitred


I saved the fillers to go back into the same locations, don't know if you need to, but top and bottom might

be different lengths.

Once you have removed all 4 fillers it is basically a case of pushing the windscreen from inside and it will pop out

Safety notes: consider gloves and eye protection if inside.

In my case the rubber seal was left in the frame and we gently recovered it after the screen was moved to one side.

It is worth having a second person for this job because of the fragile nature of the rubber seal and also to control the screen

when you remove it.


you can see the rubber left behind here and the window coming out. The edges on mine weren't sharp, hence lack of gloves

on my glamourous assistants hands, the replacement wasn't either.

Fit the rubber seal on the replacement screen then move the screen to the car. Lay the bottom of the screen in place and try to centre it. If you don't get the centreing completly right we managed to shove the screen over after getting one side seated.



At this stage put some rope/string into the rubber seal. Cheap washing line would be good, you don't want it too thick nor too thin. Bed it deep down into the seal and feed two ends inside the car.

I started from the two bottom corners and aimed to finish at the centre of the top.

It's probably worth giving in here and removing the trim from the A posts. There are some loom clips which will most likley catch on the string and cause you grief.

My clips for the trim were very brittle and I just gave up and pulled them off (I'm not always known for my patience!). The part number is MUC316 as far as I can tell and about 30p each. There are three each side.

Start pulling the string on one side and the seal should kind of flip inside, You can help it by pushing on the outside and levering with a screwdriver. For information the windscreen is surprisingly strong so don't be toooo worried.


Here you can see I have the two sides in and am starting on the top bit.

My neighbour borrowed me some lanoline soap which I am sure helped, but any lubricant would be good.

The top starts to go in and you can see here where the seal is inside half way along


After a bit of sweating you should get the whole seal inside and the worst part is over!


Note my rubber hammer on top. I was using the hammer and a crowbar to get the last of the seal inside, the screen is tough! My rope was a bit big though and it might have been easier to end at a corner too, but I didn't get a lot of choice after the rope snapped and started slipping.

Next you have to put the filler back in. There is probably a special tool for this, but I just got on with it. Again some lubrication is good


Just feed it in and use the screw driver to pop it fully in.

Those top and bottom seals seem very long!

Also note that the filler will probably stretch as you fit it, no idea how to avoid this, I pushed it back a bit as much as possible and trimmed off the extra afterwards.

Finally you can bask in the glory of having fitted your own windscreen


Done about 500 miles since this in the snow etc and don't seem to have had any problems.

I only did this because I don't have windscreen cover on this car. If you get 'professionals' to fit, watch for them inflating the price by just cutting the seal out and charging for it.


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You don't fancy a job in the local LR dealers in Saudi Arabia replacing front windsheilds do yer?

My 98' Discovery I was in and out of the Riyadh main dealers four times for a new rubber seal and even then they couldn't seal it properly. I bought the car from new and this saga happened over the course of the three year warranty.

I needed a new windsheild due to stone damage....insurance was paying for it so WTF...get a new one.

Washed the car...water leaking in through the top somewhere.

Back to dealers....complained. They tried to fix the leak by using silicone.

Washed the car...water leaking in through top still.

Back to dealers....tried again to stop the leak using a new set of window rubber sealing strips.

Washed the car....water leaking in through top still.

Back to dealers for the forth time. They said they would remove the glass and clean up the surrounding frame to do the job. They stripped the frame back to bare metal!!! Then here's the best bit.....they resprayed the windsheild surrounding frame with the roofrack still on the car. The result of which caused most of the roof to be covered with overspray.

But the windsheild no longer leaked. Hurrah....for four years.

I moved to Dubai in 2001 taking my 98' with me.

Last year the windscreen started to leak again.....I gave it to my local LandRover approved garage to fix. They called me at home to say that the entire frame of the windscreen was rotten to the bones! Water had gotten into the windsheild rubbers and made it's self at home for three or four years....LandRover in Saudi had not even primed the steel frame around the roof portion of the glass before putting the glass back in and spraying it.

It cost me a fortune to get the repairs done....so bravo to you sir for doing such a wonderfull job!

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Hello steve_a,

Just stumbled on your Feb 2007 'windshield' post. Our '96 Disco I seems to be leaking around the front glass. The local glass shop says he'll probably break the windshield taking it out but you seem to have done the job with less damage!

Your photos included with the post aren't coming through (just show little question marks). I understand you are a "computer guy", so can you help me see those pictures?

I will probably get the glass shop guys to replace the windshield and seal it up properly (they offer a warranty) but would like to get the glass out myself because I'm expecting a fair bit of rust around the body flanges - I do live in western Canada after all!

Thanks for any help you can offer...


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Hi Pavel having been through this twice in the past year or so I feel I can comment on this. Discovery 200 and 300 have different windscreen fitment. The 200 uses the old fashioned seal as found on RR Classics while the 300 has a bonded in screen in effect the screen is glued in so becomes a structural part of the car. The first time I had mine replaced they cocked up the trim kit fitting so it had a bulge bottom mid screen and the top corners kept flapping when driven. Both times when removing the screen they did a cut that left some of the old sealant in place so as not to damage the paint.


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