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saudi grill


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It's part of a aftermarket kit called the GULF Campaigne.

I was one of the guinea pigs for it back in Saudi in 98'. It's not just a grill though. The entire kit is made up of a bigger capacity radiator, bigger fan shroud, 120 amp alternator, new plastic fittings all over the place and a plastic type skid pan to go underneath the radiator.

The purpose of the kit was to improve both engine cooling and the air conditioning performance. 100% of the air going through the grill is therefore uterlised into cooling....and very effective it is too!

Simmonittes in the UK make a sports grill similar to the Saudi one but it's just for show. The actual grills themselves are worth a packet now...and even out here in the Gulf I am always looking for them in the breakers yards for people like yourself who want them.

Is your Disco a DI or DII ? I have sent them overseas in the past if you're still interested.



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Guest diesel_jim

For the DII, part numbers and prices are:

DHB 102660LML Grille, mesh £209.93 Saudi spec. Disco S2

DPB 104790 Front bumper w/o spoiler £204.87 Saudi spec. Disco S2

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Here's my series I Disco with it's "Saudi Grill". The DII is the Same.post-264-1181050121_thumb.jpg

Simmonittes were doing a similar one in kit form called the Sports Grill. Dunno if they still have but no harm in trying them. The basic grill is like hens teeth now........

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