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I know, this again


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ok, i need to get a pair of proshafts made up for the series due to engine/ gearbox conversion.

i just spoke to Propshaft clinic, who quoted £145 for wide angle to any length specified.

i did ask about double cardon... :ph34r:

this sounds like the going rate, Chris perfect is after £180

cheers for any input

*edited so it didnt sound like i was slaggign them off*

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your right, that came out wrong... hopefully that read better.

its just a bit of a shock when you only intended to have to fork out for one custom prop, now i need two.. screws the budget abit

i think i brought a standard new prop from paddocks for about £60 a year or two ago... but thats series prices

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Wilson Drive Shafts, of Bulwell, on the outskirts of Nottingham, last week quoted me £135, + VAT, for a Series 2 rear shaft, using wide angle UJ's, and a long spline of large diameter.

When I asked if they kept them in stock I was told they keep 'blank' shafts, with no differential UJ, and they cut the blank to the required length, then weld on the 'simple' UJ.

Wilson Drive Shafts 0115 976 1202 http://www.wilsondriveshafts.co.uk/

Naturally, they have balancing facilities.


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Can you weld?

Start with a pair of 109 rear shafts and cut them down to the required length.

If you draw a straight line along the length of the shaft, cut a section out and weld it back together so the lines meet up, it will still balance.

When you are welding it back together, clamp the two halves in a chunky piece of angle iron, or a corner in an I beam - that will keep it perfectly straight.

Both my shafts are made like this - and it does not suffer from prop vibration.

If you can't weld, you will know someone who can!


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