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Td5 EGR removal

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I'm looking at the EGR removal kits that Devon4x4 do, nice and shiny, but a bit spendy...

What is exactly involved with the EGR removal on Td5's? just a case of blanking off the end of the pipe on the engine (i made a plate up on mine) or better off to remove everything associated with it?

Do any electrics need removing?

is the £40 odd needed from D4x4 worthwile? could i just cut some flat plate, weld a bit of pipe to it and be done?

Or could i just remove the original EGR unit and run the air hacksaw around the inside of it and cut the giblets out of it?

Thanks all! :D

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assuming the valve isn't permanently stuck open (and if it is, a bit of percussive maintenance with Special Tool No. 1 may repair it) all you need to do is block off the vacuum pipes at the modulator unit (usually fixed to drivers side wing). No vacuum = no valve operation :)

Last one I did I pulled off the pipes (feed pipe to vacuum pump, and the pipe to the valve) pushed a 3/16" blind pop rivet into each connector, small cable tie around the outside to keep it a tight fit and cable tied the pipes out of the way. Total cost about £1.00 :)

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An EGR is an Exhaust Gas Recirculation system that takes exhaust gas and under certain conditions feeds it back in to the inlet for environmental reasons.

What tends to happen is that the valve fails and leads to exhaust gases continuously being recycled which is not good for performance. It also leads to the inlet manifold etc getting gummed up with nasty black stuff especially on older vehicles.

They are fitted to some 300TDi's as well.

Removing them (and cleaning up the mess left behind) can make a good improvement in vehicle performance.



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