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Lwb Series III


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I have this landy for this last two months... and it has a lot of vibrations at the back.

so i inspected and found wheel cylinder half jamed and was keeping one shoe always touching with the drum, so wheel was not exactly free wheeling. i fixed the wheel cylinder, removed rear prop shaft for inspection and looks fine, but vibration still there.

now to add insult to injury, from yesterday onwards, if you try to reverse or move foward on first gear, the landy starts to judder sort of and gives the impression that it wants to shear of the rear axle. If you drive on 2nd gear the judder is felt less. I run on 7.50's which i am going to replace soon cause very slippery.

i have free wheelers hubs so the front is disengaged.

If i remove the rear prop shaft and drive on the front one, will i be doing damage to the transmittion? Just to try to eliminate the rear prop shaft out, maybe it is bent, but the sliding splines are fine.

Any idea about the judder?? could it be the clutch? ,but how come the judder is felt at the back??


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Removing the rear prop & driving in 4x4 will be OK, just remember to lock the front hubs or you have no drive and no handbrake! :blink:

Vibrations can be hard to track down - check the prop UJ's are free to move and well greased, jack up each wheel & spin to listen/feel for dodgy bearings, see if it changes with hi/low 2x4/4x4 etc. I'm sure someone will be along with a load more advice in a minute...

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I agree, contaminated clutch linings can cause judder on pull away. Hand brake on the back of the gearbox can also cause lots of juddering in the drive train if it is not fully releasing.

Similarly, if you still have a problem with the rear brakes it may be causing problems. If the rear brake has been binding before, the brake drum may be warped from previous overheating.

Douple check the rear prop UJs for stiffness as well as wear.

Good luck



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