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Original Ideas on fabricating ideas for a dashboard.


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I've been pondering this one too - I'll probably put the majority of the electrics in a ceiling-mounted panel but something to hold the speedo / warning lights would be worthwhile. Current best plan is just to fold up a bit of ally - that is unless I find a decent Series dash for not very many pennies.

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I remember seeing years ago a S11 with a SD1 Dash

Looked odd to say the very least

he also had the V8 as well his excuse was due to the dials


i have a series bodied r/r hybrid i bought a year or so back, it has a rover P6 dash and it's DAMM UGLY :D

i am thinking of putting R/R dash pod in and fabbing up a ally dashto mount it in.


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Awsom. I have thought I bought doing that but my soft top connect to the windshield frame . It would have to mount to the windshield protection cage to look good. I love that though. Who else has any good original ideas.

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My dash in the 130 was just so shabby I decided to tart it up with a new tread plate one. All fuses and relays were moved inside behind the new dash onto proper fuse/relay holders and the ECU lives in the new glove box. A few more guages and monitoring systems were also built into whilst it was in the fabrication stage.

Make templates from card and sticky tape before finally transferring them over the the tread plate for initial cutting and welding.

The Roof console is an ARB retail item bought off of Siggy a few years ago for 150 quid......they are close to 200 now from Deveon 4x4.

The rear end of the 130 has also had the 100% checkerplate pimp over...but's it's just such practicle stuff and oh so easy to work with!

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The front is just 4mm Acrylic sheet, hinged at the bottom so you just undo 2 screws at each end and the whole lot flips down for easy access,

The sides are 15mm Ply just cut to shape the screws in the front hold it all tight so it dos'nt rattle, gap at each end are access for the air conditioning in the summer ( the flaps :lol: )

and thats it !

The red blingy fighter styleeeee switches are to switch power on to the Winch controls, on board air, and the ARB's

all the fuses are on the left hand section to ease the fumbling :blink: if one pops

The tilt dobry, ended up in the best place for it the bin :ph34r:

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Les - looks good you going to let Nick crew for you in yours next time??

Theres another thread on the d4x4 forum abotu dashboards at the moment, may worth looking there.

Personally i use a MUD console only £50 or so, easy to fit, no rattles and looks great whilst being functional.

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This doesn't mean gadgets and tools. I dont mind what u want to put, but mainly your own take of how to make your interior look good and strong. Door panels too while we're at it. Thanks.
I made mine out of Alloy for strength & light weight & then used stick on Kevlar sheets that your stick on & then heat up .

They look very effective its is harder wearing than paint & you dont get the sun reflecting of the bare alloy :D

I did the dash & centre consol etc . :D

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