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Engine to Bell housing? can I?


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**** warning, lots of pics for help *****

I am about to put this 2.8td into my hybrid however, i brought with the V8 adaptor plate,

then brought what i thought was a Lt95 long stick to mate up to it however it doesn't mate.

The bolts all around the top are fine and mate lovely,

However, there the starter motor is on the landy, now leaves a large hole in the adapter plate,

i can see from the old marks that this is how the guy had it on his range rover which the engine came out of hever, for off roading i can see this just filling with mud and not doing any good so would i be able to drill out the ali adapter plate and make a cover for this?

The more inportant factor however is that none of the holes along the bottom seem to hit, holes either don't line up or are in two large, i think the bell housing has the later small type bolts along the bottom and bottom edges.

Would i be able to again drill into the ali and tap a thread or should i try and find a bell housing which shall fit and then shall it fit the gearbox or shall in need to get a new gearbox?

pics below of what i have,

hope some one can be of some use to me!!

This pic you can see the hole that is left where the starter motor is.



This pic you can see the bolts at the top which fit and the smaller type holes along the bottom.



This pic you can see the larger wholes around the top and then the smaller ones along the bottom.




hope you can be of help.


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that looks distincly not like an LT95.

It could be that i can't see the pictures very well but, all LT95 had an integrated transfer box and yours looks just like an LT230, also LT95 have vacuum operated centre diffs, also the hi-lo lever wasn't ever bolted to the top of the box as its just a very simple push pull design.

ill go out tomorrow and take a piccy of the LT95 in the stage 1 on the driveway.

these boxes can normally be picked up for around £50-£80 though- don't give NK recovery £300 for an unknown second hand jobby as you can get reconned units from rimmer for £350 odd.

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Thats NOT a LT95 I can guarantee it !

coutesy of ashcrofts site heres a LT95, can't belive they have sourced new ones !.....grab quick if its what you wnat !!!

Not 100% sure what it is tho :blink:

LT85 from 110 V8 perhaps ?

Is it a 5 speed ?

WEhat are the box and TBox numbers ?


the box he has is the LT77 V8 longstick type 52A suffix D, and LT230 from an 1984/85 RR classic,


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The rover v8 has the starter on the right, so you will have trouble finding a bellhousing to suit the starter on the left.

If the starter fits up ok and engages the ring gear on the flywheel properly, then I would get some aluminium plate and weld it to the bellhousing to cover the opening behind the starter.

The lower bolts in the bell housing for the rover v8, are used to retain a cover plate. They are not used to mount to the engine block. So there should not be any problems if you modify the lower holes to suit some other bolts.

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