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new drive members a must

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must share this with you, had the usual 1 second delay follwed by clacks when pulling away or changing thro' the gears, changed 3 of the drive members and woh what a difference, like a new truck! no delay, no clacking. Why change 3 not 4? well front n/s rusted solid, big hammer and chisel bounced off. oh well at least its not slack. cheep fix to around £50 for 4 from paddocks, certainly worth an hours graft.

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UPDATE!! finally got round to doing no.4 front n/s as the bearing was now rumbling a bit. took out the bolts, wheel off, BIG bolster and even bigger hammer. NO!! I managed to slightlyseperate them about 1mm, but all this did was tighten ou the bearing so i couldnt rotate the hub at all. It just wouldnt budge. I know I'll drilla line of holes and the get the bolster and try to................ NO! the drills wouln't touch it!! BUGGA! starting to get a bit dark now and I still coulnt rotate the hub. This thing was well rusted on there. Look in garage and find my old dads hack saw with 1 blade. HMMMM!!! well I cut all the way round the drive member in the lip that holds on the rubber cap, as far down as i dare with out cutting the splines, then split it off with the hammer a bolster, 1/2 way there!! then i could concerntrate on seperating the rest of the member from the hub. Hit my hand twice with lump hammer OUCH! whole job (1) took 2 1/2 hours, so make sure your slines are well greased!!

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