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Repairing a shock lower mount.

Les Henson

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If you don't keep an eye on the rear shock absorber lower mounts, they can quite quickly wear away - resulting in the hole being too big/odd shape.

Just replacing the shocks is a bad idea as the new ones will move about in the over-size hole and not only continue to ruin it, but also ruin the new shocks as well.

The lower mount is a bracket that is welded to the axle tube - replacing it is a lot of work, so a repair is a much better idea.

I have used the thick washers that were part of the old shock absorber assembly - the hole is the exact diameter for the new shocks, and using these makes the whole job quicker and far easier.

Vehicle is owned by Mark Jenkins, of this website and truck is a 1989 TD 90. Repairs are part of fitting a +2" lift kit (Police spec springs and Pro-comp shocks).

Damage to the lower shock mount holes on both sides of the rear axle.



The old shock washers that I'll use to do the repair.


None of yer rubbish, girly, leccy welding :D


Make sure you weld the nearside mount to the jack!! :D


Gas weld porn.



No doubt there are a few ways of doing this repair. Just what I came up with at the time.


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can i start another - should have used an axle stand arguement?

Actually, the repair to the lower mounts was part of a 2" lift fitting. So the chassis was supported on both sides with 2-ton axle stands, and the axle itself was also supported with 2 x 2-ton trolley jacks - so ner, double ner!

Proof, in case you don't believe me.



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I bought a gas set off a guy a few years ago who was emigrating to Oz. I just practised until I was good at it and have stuck with it ever since. I can MIG and stick weld, but rarely do. I also get gas extremely cheap, as a friend of mine works for a well-known gas supplier :ph34r:

I leave carp leccy welding to dodgy buggers like HFH, Whitey, etc :D

Les. :rolleyes:

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hehe i loose then, never mind.

looks like you have more sucess with axle stands under the chassis than me. would appear my stands arent up to more than the weight of the axles they bend & sink into the road. that was fun pushing the car up the camber so it doesnt fall off the side of the stands while trying to get a jack into save it. yes i know, one day i'll get proper tools (& skills).

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