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Bo**ocks! I had my real dumb moment.

I was trying to track down my bad transmission vibration. I thought it was coming from the rear, although checking the rear prop there was no play in either UJ. Anyway I took it off to see if I could localise problem.

Test drove it with diff lock in and sure enough vibration was gone. When I got back I had a closer inspection of prop-shaft and sure enough one of the caps on a UJ had compeletly broken up. You couldn't feel play as it was jammed in place. Tried to replace UJ's, but without a bench vice I was having no joy. So I took it along to Mansfield to replace the UJ's. Glad I did, apart from the bill :rolleyes: , as it took them an 1hr and a half to do it due to the broken UJ.

So with prop-shaft and new UJ's I was keen to get it back on, that's when I realised that in my test drive I had lost the back round cover to the transfer box - Doh!! :angry: I was stupid and thought that it was all one piece and so didn't put nuts back on - idiot. Anyway I re-drove the route looking out for it as I do remember it coming off - just sounded the same as a large stone hitting the floor panels so at the time I didn't give it a 2nd thought. No joy so now I need to source another cover.

Are these easy to come by at breakers??


Steve :)

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Do you mean the handbrake drum?

If so I've lost one of those too, never even heard it come off.

I alays put the flange nuts back on now when running without the prop and even have a spare prop flange to take up the slack, Not that I run propless often <_<

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yes I do mean the handbrake drum. Anyone know how easy it is to source one of these without buying new? Or is it easier just to order a new one?



Fortunately I didn't notice the drum was missing until I was well into doing a xfer box change (just assumed the lack of handrake was down to mud and bad adjustment!!) so never had to source a replacement.

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