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Cleaning Oil from Monobloc

Mean Green

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My Defender has been sitting on my drive for the last few weeks since the clutch went. During this time the fatory fitted oil leaks have stained the mono-bloc.

So can anyone suggest any good products or tips on removing engine oil/diff oil and gearbox oil from monoblocs.

Thanks in advance.

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Cheers Les,

I had a feeling that might be the case. I tried to protect the blocks by putting a drip tray underneath, but it must have blown away!

Will have a go with good ol' fairy liquid and the power washer and see what happens.

Also heard rumours that Coca-cola and washing powder are good for cleaning concrete, do they also work on monobloc?

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Don't laugh

Use Petrol this will dilute the engin oil to a much weaker stain if you do it early enough it will take the stain totaly, a few liters should do it.

Otherwise use brick acid or oil remover from the likes of Jewson or Travis Perkins

I have found on the garage floor thats floted concrete, the petrol takes any oil off and the petrol wet mark stain lasted a day or so untill its all evaperated off.

I'm a construction site manager so I am used to cleaning oil off concrete and block paving from the JCB's and dumpers on site.

Don't smoke while cleaning



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I've successfully used Gunk driveway cleaner to get oil off monobloc. You need to give it time to really dilute the oil before washing off and you need to use lots of soapy water to wash the gunk away.

Alternatively, you could try turning the blocks upside down.

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You jest I've seen that done.

a JCB blow a back acter hose and sprayed oil every were so the groung worker to clean up filled a garden sprayer with hydrolic oil and covered every thing with it on the monday when the site reopend it just looked like it had the sealing coat applied. so the cliant though he got his paving fully sealed for free.

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