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4x4Adventures Winch Challenge


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It is my intention to hold another 40-50 punch winch challenge on Sat 31 march 07 at either a new site near Bampton (still awaiting site confirmation, should be on Thur 1 Mar 07) or a site just outside Exeter. i have picked up various PMs etc from the original advance notice, further interest should be registered here or by emailing me at. It will be £40 per vehicle.


or by PM.

Please note that i will need email contact details to send out the entry forms and directions etc.

As before there will be 3 classes (std,. Std+1, Modified) and punches will be weighted depending on ho wmany vehicles achieve that punch in each class. (The less that get the punch the more ti will be worth)

1. Ian Gildersleeve

2. Shaun Houghton

3. Recca

4, Jase

5. Mike Cuff


7. Angela

8. Dunsterhybrid

9. Lard + Simon

10. Exmoor Cop

11. Keith Knight

12. Kris + Craig

14. Scot Williams + Dan

15. Russell + Lewis

16. Julian Vardy







1. Paul

2. Les Brock

3. HHobbit


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Er.....No winches installed yet :lol:

and Yep that is my web site and I've seriously got to update it :ph34r: .....well I'l prob re-do it compleatly to be honest

Your not kidding !!! :lol: nice site mind :D

now the truch is on the road, no excuses

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Bob - yep just about following that one, its £40 per vehicle, i have now added that to the first post, sorry for leaving it out.

Ian - yep, not sure when that was from though! Hope you can make it (as in truck sorted by then) sorry missed your calls today.

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excellent Jase. Bushy got some Farrs bars yet? and tell him to bring the snorkel cash!

Looked over a new site quickly this evening, near Williton, (last landowner for new Bampton site pulled out on Thur!) will walk it properly at the weekend and should have confirmation by Mon so sorry for the delay but entry forms are slightly late and should be out early next week.

if this site falls through it will be Dunchediock(sp?) or Thorns Cross.

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i have come to the conclusion that this is a bad time of year to run events due to weather and ground condtions!!!!!

Site WILL be confirmed tomorrow, it will be the Culmhead site, Quarry that most of you know and back into some of the areas only used on FSWC2......

the one where Si R lost a punch......

entry forms etc to be sent out tomorrow.

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you will have the Quarry (which you all know) then new to most of you unless you did FSWC2 will be the river and a small bog and small lake, plus new to all another small wooded section. (well thats the plan)

Hopefully with it at Culmhead the F&C man will be along as well!

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your a good man

OK guys for competitors and any spectators who will be coming along, pre- order some F&C, or burger and chips or sausage and chips here for £4 including a soft drink. to be delivered to the main car park at 1300hrs. (and last time he was early!)

JST - 1 x burger and chips + Coke please

Jase and Bushy 2x F&C

Lard and Si 2x F&C

Keith and Stu 2x F&C

Scott and Dan 1x S&C 1x F&C

Steve Williams 1x F&C

Kris + Craig 2 x F+Chips

angela 1 x F&C, 1xSausage + Chips

Treefamily - 3 Burger and Chips + 1 F&C - TBC...................

Russ - 3 x F&C + cokes

Darth - burger and chips

Peter Codman - 3 x Fish and Chips

CrisH - 1 x F&C and diet coke

Mike C - 1 x F&C, 1 x Chips

Jay - 2 x F&C and cokes

HHobbitt - 2 x F&C and drink

Shaun Houghton - 2 x fish & chips

TJ101 - 2X F&C + drinks

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All competitors should have had an email this pm with details and entry form, grateful for these to be returned by 23 March please.

Site confirmed as wellington with two new to us wood sections, a third newish area (we have only used part of it in the past) plus the FSWC2 bog site and river!!!! Quarry unlikely to be used. so for those that did the last event, it wont help at all as you will be on new ground!

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