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FAO Julian (LARA)

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To Julian...

...once you wrote (LRE or D44 forum,I don't remember)

you extended the OE wheel arches to accomodate larger tires,

but kept them "standard looking" due to the Belgian MoT


I've found out yesterday my dwarf 32" Simexes touch the arches.

I'd like to know what you did ,otherwise some trimming will be required I think...




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Hey Julian!


Errrr,well,sort of...in the end I've found out they foul the wheelboxes,not the plastic arches!



And I don't want to chop them...

Remoulding would have been painless instead...


I'm scratching my head...

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No,I've fitted shorter ones instead!


Erm,honest,I followed Nige and switched to Disco bumps.

They look a bit more "progressive"...?

I'm not sure it's their fault or not,

I didn't have the chance to try the Simexs with the old bumpstops...

If I had a spare 90 I would raise the box and enjoy extra travel...

Tonk or Nige may want to pop in now...


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Have you fitted longer bump stops ?


smaller tyres asside :P I guess your options are:

- Longer bump stops (I'll have your old ones)

- Put up with the rubbing

- Modify the seat boxes.

If you don't want to waste any of your shock travel then you've done just the right thing. Currently mine rubs and I'm just putting up with it untill I can sort modified seat boxes.

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- Put up with the rubbing

I think I'll take this!


As soon as I'll have the time I'll better check the whole story out.

Are seatboxes integral part of the rear tub or folded & riveted/bolted?

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