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TD5 Cutting out


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With just under 2 weeks until the truck goes into a container to India it has started playing up

Whilst driving home last night the engine just cut out, after a few minutes it started again. Same thing this morning, its as though I have turned off the engine and taken the keys out of the ignition. When you turn the key in the ignition its completly dead

Just been to the local garage and they can't do anything for at least a week

Anyone experienced this problem before ?

I have checked the ECU to see if there is any oil but it all looks ok

If I can't get it sorted it looks like the trip to India is off

Its a 2001 TD5



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Do the warning lights on the dash illuminate when the ignition switch is at position 2 and then go off when you try to start? If so, could be a faulty ignition switch.

Some more specific details would be useful.

Everything lights up as normal when starting, when it dies there are no warning lights or anything. When you turn the ignition its completly dead, after about 5 mins it starts again as normal

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Guest diesel_jim

definately sounds like the ignition switch, or it's feed (back to the battery).

next time it does it, try beeping the horn/flash the lights/indicators etc, so you can narrow it down to what might be causing it.

if nothing works at all, then it will more than likely be the battery connections (earth at the chassis/gearbox, +ve terminal loose, or loose at the starter motor)

If it's just ignition controlled stuff (like indicators, heated rear window, wipers etc) then i'd look at the ignition switch and/or it's feed (large brown cable)

hope that helps.

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I was out tinkering with the thing last night and have narrowed it down to the wiring on the back of the key switch / column.

There is definatly a slow short there and sometimes even a dead short.

I had 12.8 volts and then after a rumage I would get 3.8 volts... at least I was able to give the sparky something to go by.

More follows...........................

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