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What winch is this?


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I've bought a land rover with a PTO driven winch on it, it is a superwinch. I know nothing about winches...Does anyone now wich type it is?



How can I wind down the cable, there is a big control on one side, do I have to turn this of pull it or something?

Do I have to put oil in the wich somewhere?

Thanks, Paul

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Superwinch H14 ;)

If its the PTO one, you need to put the transfer leaver into neutral, take it out of gear, engage the PTO (black knob) down by the handbrake, put it into first or reverse let out the clutch and away you go.......the handle on the front you pull out and twist to put it into freespool and re-engage it for winching

you can use all the gears to adjust the speed and the thottle but the shaft speed max is 2500 Rpm IIRC

Get that wire rope sorted before you doing any pulling though !

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