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Defender radiators

Lars L

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I've bought myself a 200 Tdi Disco as an engine donor for my 2,5 n/a One Ten. When checking for radiators with room for the intercooler, I find that one for a 200 Tdi Def is frightingly expensive and that one for a 300 Tdi is a lot less so.

Can anybody explain the difference and if I can use the newer one for my upgrade together with the Disco intercooler?

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Hiya Lars

i sourced one out of Paddocks when I was last over in the Uk about 18 months ago to get a larger intercooler fitted

The rad was not as it should be & so went around to Paddocks

it was a 300tdi rad (bi Flow type ) came to about GBP 108

seems to be decent quality and I have had no problems

try them as there delivery rates within the EU are good and they deliver very fast order monday delv on wed morn to frankfurt

happy trails


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How about leaving your current radiator in place. Then get a larger intercooler to fit in front of it. Either an allisport os similar manufacture, or a scrap yard special.

That way you keep cash in your pocket, get a bigger rad, bigger intercooler. Then tweek the pump and the motor will go faster.....


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