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V8 transplant - radiator question.

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I am about to replace the 3.5 V8 in my 110 with a 3.9 from a Rangie. The rangie engine has oil cooling via the rad which mine doesn't. As my radiator is shot, I was wondering which Defender rads would be suitable for this transplant and include an oil cooler. I seem to recall the 2.5TD one is popular for this, but would like confirmation before I go splashing out.


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Guest diesel_jim

I had a TD rad when i had a 3.9EFI in my 110 and 90. worked perfectly. all you need to do is swap over the little unions that screw into the rad (from the pipes) to make them fit.

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Thanks guys,

You have confirmed my understanding that the rads were overengineered and as such, could be mixed and matched without too much trouble. The tdi gives me another option and may enable a bigger gbox cooler to be fitted as well!

Cheers, Alastair

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