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90 inch Discovery ?

eddie c

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Can you elaborate on this for me. Just i was considering a 30mm body lift.

I don't like body lifts because:

- You're raising the CoG but...

- You're not gaining any clearance under the vehicle chassis

- You're not gaining any suspension travel

- They are more work than they sound (will your wiring harness and brake lines happily reach 30mm extra? Steering shaft? Gear shift? Fuel filler? etc. etc.)

- It always always always ends up looking like some redneck from the Scary Steering files has been at it, the more so the higher you make it

If you want bigger tyres, chop the bodywork a bit. Look at Nige's 90 for inspiration of what can be done with big tyres / huge articulation with NO overall suspension lift and NO body lift.

I'm not saying body lifts are always bad and wrong as some of the above is purely my opinion, just that they are a bit of a workaround / bodge compared to achieving the same results with a bit more effort and overall engineering elegance.

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