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Fuel System Relay


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Can anyone give me a clear description or even better a photo of where the main fuel system relay (K116) is on a hotwire equipped range rover ('93 in this case)? The photo's in the electronic version of the workshop manual are so appallingly bad I'm not even 100% sure which side of the drivers seat I'm looking at - back I think :angry:

I'm trying to go through the diagnostics and find out what's causing my misfire, but I can't work out which relay I should be metering from :rolleyes: Sooner I get the Megasquirt in the better - then I can just plug the laptop in and see exactly what's going on...

So far, both MAF and TPS look suspect, but I think it may be wiring rather than the sensors themselves. I've the right resistance across the TPS, and if I meter it at the sensor itself it changes smoothly, but I'm not getting any voltage across it or the MAF at the ECU connector.

Coolant temp sensor looks to be in the clear. Lambda sensors I haven't checked yet (supposed to do that from the mystery relay, and it was getting late and I wasn't in scruffs so didn't fancy digging around in the engine bay to get at them).

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Its behind the drivers seat,with the main engine load relay.The pump relay has a purple and white output wire that goes all the way to the fuel pump.(Apart from the fly leads to the inertia switch.)The load relay has Brown,Brown/Orange wires on it, so it should be easy to id.The centre pin is the 12v heat supply to the Oxygen sensors from the fuel pump relay,cant remember the colour.

Make sure the relay is the correct one,a garage called me out to a Morgan Plus Eight that had massive Co and HC readings and had failed the MOT.Turned out they had changed the fuel pump relay - for an incorrect one,if the oxy sensors arent heated they will only be hot enough to switch under high speed / load conditions.Net result is a lumpy idle,for about 20 secs then stops - and lots of black smoke /misfires.Nice to know that the CUX is capable of a really rich mixture tho.

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