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Ticking/clacking noise

Lars L

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I have had this issue on another forum for a while, but since the knowledge base seems to have a bit more quality over here... ;)

There is this ticking noise from what at first seemed to come from the engine. It can be heard when stepping lightly on the accelerator and on light engine braking, but when adjusting the pedal just to run along it goes away. It's also only heard when driving in gear and never when running the engine in neutral. But when changing gear, it is there when the engine revs drop and also if I depress the clutch and rev the engine. When giving "full welly" it also goes away. :huh:

I have a feeling that it has increased a bit lately and has become a light clacking sound as well as a light roughness at very low revs. And sometimes there is a "ringing" noise from below. This has made me suspect that the noise might come from a worn bush at the end of the crank, causing the gearbox pinion to jump around.

Anybody that can shed some light on this? :unsure:

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My best guess would be worn bushes allowing the exhaust to touch something. That ties in with the ringing, as well as other noises & symptoms more or less.

Try restraining the exhaust with a ratchet strap and see if it goes away?

Another couple of possibles which have kept me guessing for months in the past:

A tinkling sound - caused by the washers on the radius arm chassis bushes rattling.

A Clacking sound - caused by the water pump pulley bolts not being fully tightened. That one sounded like big ends but happened at the wrong time to be big ends.

Maybe some help - you never know!


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Well, today I removed the foam pack from around the gearlevers and drove a bit. It actually seems that the gearbox is getting a little too rattly... It might be the box that's causing the noises. :huh:

But, I have just bought myself a '94 Disco as a donor of a 200 Tdi, will look closer when it's time to shift. ;):)

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Time to start removing props I'd guess? It could be a UJ, diff or internal bits of the gearbox or t-box. I'd start by checking the UJs, I've had them tinkle when they're on their way out.

Otherwise, "allow the fault to develop"? I've got a nasty death-rattle below 1000rpm at full throttle from somewhere in my powertrain. Nearly 100,000 miles later, it's not developed yet.

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