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Which Winch?


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I'm considering investing in a winch for the front of my RRC and looking for advice/sugesstions. I,m looking for something that doesn't stick out a long way. Eblag is full of elcheapo imports from foreign companies, there are plenty of s/h jobbies around but I need to know It will work when I need it to. How big ? I don't intend competing but need something big enough. Is a Husky any better than a Warn ot Britpart no good 'cos it's cheap? And whats it with these Albright thingies? I will probly go for a synthetic rope but that's another queation.

Help/advice/sugesstions, cheap s/h offers all appreciated.

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For ease of use and installation, etc, I would go with a superwinch EP9 as suggested above. Here's one on my Brother's RRC. Incidentally, this is the same winch as a Come-up DV9000.

Huskys are excellent and pretty much bulletproof but they are slow.

Warn's are always going to be a reasonable winch, but you will really want a lowline winch (XD9000 or similar) and these have internal brakes which dosn't do plasma any good.

Britpart are another rebadged chinese import...

Hope that helps.


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Only if you space it up on the mountings, if you mount it flush to the bumper then it suffers the same limitations as the EP9. You can get 100ft of 11mm plasma on an EPi9 anyway, which is enough

Lewis :)

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