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Need to "Camel-ed" my bonnet


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I need to have my (Disco 300) bonnet Camel-style due to roof lights....

They are over the windscreen, I need them here... not perfect place.. but...

What is prefered for the bonnet? mat black paint, or mat black sticker...

Need to be done before end of March... round the Heathrow or M3/M25 junction

any suggestion??

thanks in advance..

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I used the matt black sign making material made from sticky back plastic PVC (Fas-cal). If you go down this route be sure you have two or three helpers with you during application. Apply glass cleaner to the well cleaned surface and have a rigid squeegy to ease out the bubbles. Start at the middle and work the bubbles towards the outside...your helpers should support the edges of the film as you work on it.

I bought mine at Billing and kept the backing paper/release liner as a pattern to make more should the need arise.(or I screw up the first application which I didn't!)

Top Tip. After application and allowing for a few days for the adhesive to dry out to take hold.....give the surface a wipe over with Armoral or similar. It will make it alot easier to keep the surface 'black' and not dark grey.

I'm no painter and the thought of masking off the bonnet and then having to spray it evenly was too much a daunting task for me.

I also sell self adhesive products for a living and feel more comfortable working with this type of material.

Hope this helps.



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Have a word with Mark from NastyGrafix - down the Kent LRC club - 'he's made the same for the bonnet of his white Disco - drop me a txt and I'll shoot you over his mobile. Cheers Xav, Pete.

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I painted mine with matt black paint. If you go this route, get hold of signwriters, 'fine line' masking tape to mark out the area to black out. This type of tape is far more flexible than regular masking tape for working round the radiused corners. I doesn't let paint bleed under the edge of the tape and so you'll also get a really sharp professional looking edge to the painted area. I lost count of the number of times people asked if mine was a sticker.

Matt black vinyl is quicker, but it's a big area to work with and try to avoid air bubbles!


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