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O/Tish Insurance Excess Payments


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In my accident last November in the 90, there were mutliple parties involved. The accident was one of those multiple car piles ups, with me hitting the vehicle in front and then a car hitting me from behind.

My Insurance company deals with these as individual incidents from liability etc and that is fair, but they want me to pay two lots of excess at 250 pounds ago. I have already received a letter from them explaining the party who hit the rear have accepted liability, but I still have to pay 2 lots of excess and claim one back through their legal cover services.

Has anyone else had this where you have to pay your excess twice? Semms unfair to me when they were the same accident.



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Got too be another moment to look out the insurance policy document and read that!!

Always worth quoting their policy at them.

As a guess, i bet they see it as two accidents, cos you hit the car in front by a second or two before you were hit by the one behind, or vice versa.

Suspect that they are trying things on. When i was a filling in a 3 car shunt, i only paid out excess once. The insurance companies sorted it out between themselves.

Having spoken to a work mate who is ex insurance industry, she has suggested that you argue it, and does not see any reason for them using this approach. Basically she suggested that you argue and say you cant afford to pay the excess twice. At the end of the day, you paid insurance to get them to sort this sort of problem out.

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If you are in accident with two other vehicles that is two claims. If your excess is £100 per claim then it is two excesses.

I would have thought the insurance company would have sorted it all out for you, but you're only the customer and given that British financial institutions don't give a toss about their customers their attitude doesn't suprise me a bit.

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I agree with Roger - they are treating it as two accidents - A vehicle hitting you in the rear, and you hitting the vehicle in front. If the circumstances are that the vehicle behind you shunted you forward into the vehicle in front, then the cause of the accidents are the same for both (but seperate) claims. It is a bit of a nerve expecting you to pay anything - especially considering the guy has admitted being at fault.


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I had a shunt years ago. A vehicle stopped on the M62 at night in the carriageway. No hazards, no brake lights. I managed to come to a halt behind him, to be shunted into him by another car hitting me. In spite of the fact I was flashing my brake & reversing lights and had my hazards on.

The guy I was shunted into tried to claim off my insurance - he was a solicitor after all.

I never learned of the final outcome as it was a company car.

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